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Letter from the editor

AFTER over fifty years of publishing, POST remains the market leader in the Indian community. Being in touch with readers, knowing what the community is about, being present at events, and playing an active role in the community keeps POST ahead of the pack and entrenched as the 'voice and heart of the community'.

On-going tweaking of content keeps POST relevant. Eye-catching, attention-grabbing up-front news stories and pictures keep readers engaged. With the latest from Bollywood, revamped sports pages, focused Gauteng and Pietermaritzburg coverage and community news provides readers with a weekly package that is integral to their lifestyles.

We are mindful of our gender mix and the need to hook younger readers and, to that end, provide the kind of coverage that keeps all ages satisfied. Our recipes, fashion pages, advice columns, etnertainment and provocative opinion and letters' pages, all give POST the edge over our competitors. The voice and heart of the community is here to stay. Advertisers should take note that if it is families they want to target, we are the obvious choice, as some already know.