A screengrab of a video that allegedly shows a Phoenix mother assaulting her four-year -old daughter has gone viral.
A screengrab of a video that allegedly shows a Phoenix mother assaulting her four-year -old daughter has gone viral.

Baby G discharged from hospital and living with aunt

By Charlene Somduth Time of article published Apr 12, 2018

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Durban - The 4-year-old who suffered a brutal attack allegedly at the hands of her mother, has settled in at the home of an aunt after spending almost a month in hospital. 

A video of the assault went viral on social media last month, prompting police to change the charge of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) to attempted murder.

In the two-minute video, a woman is seen smacking, kicking, and stomping on the helpless child (who is referred to as Baby G as her identity cannot be revealed) 46 times, while shouting vulgarities at her.

The video was allegedly recorded by the woman’s boyfriend, who is also accused of beating the child.

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Kelvin Walker, the Thorpe and Hands Inc attorney acting for the child’s father, said the girl was discharged from hospital last week.

She had been unable to walk after the attack which had left her legs badly swollen.

“Although she was having trouble walking she seems to be doing well,” said Walker.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the family was concerned about the girl’s emotional health.

“These last couple of weeks have been hell for our family, but while her physical scars are healing the main concern is the emotional trauma the child has had to deal with.”

Following the release of the video, angry community members torched the man’s car, forcing him and his family to flee their home and close their business. 

The woman had also fled her home fearful for her safety.

Baby G’s case brings back horrid memories of the brutal murder of Phoenix schoolboy Shahiel Sewpujun by his relatives, and the death of a Havenside toddler, allegedly at the hands of her mother and grandmother.

Community leader Mervyn Reddy said he had spoken at Shahiel’s funeral and remembered telling the mourners they should not allow another tragedy like this to happen.

“Now, three years later, as a community we have failed. As a community we must understand that our job is protect our children,” he told POST.

“Because a child is being beaten inside his or her home does not mean that it should not be our business. Someone must have heard the shouts and the child’s scream but did nothing.”

Said Reddy: “The reason why we have these issues is because we are living in a godless society. People are not going to places of worship anymore to learn to live with morals.

“Our churches, mosques and temples need to teach young people how to be parents and how to live their lives.

“Previously, these cases were unheard of. As a community we respected one another and stood up for what was right whether it was our business or not.”

Community activist Brandon Pillay, who worked closely on the Havenside case, said: “In this case, thank God the child is still alive. 

"I cannot understand what possesses young people to take their frustration out on children. The justice system needs to protect these children.”

Pillay questioned whether or not these cases were taken seriously.

“The couple were charged with assault GBH and granted bail. 

"How ridiculous is that when a child was beaten unconscious and left unable to walk. Only when the video hit social media and caused an outrage among the public did the charge change to attempted murder and the bail revoked.”

He added: “This generation are a whole new breed of people. They are violent and aggressive and seemingly unable to handle the pressures of life.”

Religious leader Kriba Vayapuri said that in the video the woman looked like she was not able to cope with the stress of living. 

“Our scriptures teach us about tolerance, patience, forgiveness and how we can cope with the stress of everyday life. 

"It is only the weak and those that are vindictive who will behave in the manner in which the woman behaved.

“Apart from having a lack of faith in God she has a lack of faith in herself.”


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