Durban - The Jamiatul Ulama KwaZulu-Natal, Council of Muslim Theologians, have encouraged Muslims to be vigilant over the fasting month of Ramadan, which is expected to start on Thursday.  

This after one person was killed and two others injured at the Imam Hussain Mosque in Ottawa, Verulam, last week. 

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Three days later, a bomb-like device was found at the mosque by a cleaner. 

It was located under the moulana's pulpit. 

At a press briefing today at the Jamiatul's office in Durban, Moulana Abdulla Khan, scholar, said: "The Muslim community is at the doorstep of the start of their fast and need to be vigilant at all times . . . We need to alert the community to take extra precautions especially at places of worship. The fast is 30 days and men will frequent masjids at odd hours, so we need to ensure everyone is safe.” 

Khan advised that worshipers ensure their homes are secure. 

“While the men go out to pray, the women will be home left to prepare. It could be risky for them, so we suggest everyone takes extra precautions and observe their areas.”