Durban - The husband of murdered Bianca Parson's told the Durban High court that he believed the two men who killed his wife, in the presence of his daughter should be given life sentences. 

Orson Parsons testified in aggravation of sentencing on Monday. 

He described Bianca as a good mother and wife. 

"She brought all the joy. Life is hard for all of us.”

Talking about her relationship with their daughter, Parsons said they were always laughing and there was never a dull moment.

“My child stills asks for her mother. Its very hard especially birthdays and Christmas was difficult.”

He added that they had plans to buy their own home.

On Friday, Darryl Murrisson,33, was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and possessions of an unlicensed firearm. 

His co-accused Christopher Houston, 27, was found guilty of being an accessory to murder. 

He was acquitted on the other charges. 

Sentencing proceedings had to be adjourned due to load shedding.