Shahid Kapoor in a scene from the film Kabir Singh.     
Picture: YouTube
Shahid Kapoor in a scene from the film Kabir Singh. Picture: YouTube

Bolly review: Kabir Singh is a brutally disturbing love story

By Varshan Sookhun Time of article published Jun 28, 2019

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Bollywood- Bollywood movie Kabir Singh
daringly exposes the other side of love. The side that’s toxic, dangerous, unfulfilling and tragic.

Based on the Telegu blockbuster Arjun Reddy, this movie is an edgy remake of the original with reasonable creative liberty.

The plot revolves around a top surgeon, Kabir Singh (Kapoor), who suffers heartbreak and goes down the path of self-destruction and self-pity after being rejected by his lover, Preeti Sikka (Advani).

The director portrays a brutally disturbing love story over two distinctive halves. In one half we see the story unfold with subtle tones before we are exposed to the hardcore drama in view of the protagonist’s downscaling.

Director Sandeep Vanga does not shy away from displaying indulgence in cocaine, alcohol and abuse while drawing the viewer into Singh’s mental and physical annihilation. This could make you hate the protagonist. It’s also proof of how Shahid nailed the performance.

While the character glorifies the male ego under the mask of self-destructive love, it’s the effort of the actor in playing such characteristics that deserves critical acknowledgement.

There is immense depth and darkness in Kabir Singh’s character and Kapoor gives his untamed best to make it real, magnetic and impactful.

Kiara’s innocence is a significant stimulant to the emotional content. She handles her scenes with natural ability and displays a subtle nature without overplaying the part.

The length (2hr 50min) makes it drag in parts. Perhaps the director thought it befitting to stretch the pace in order for the viewer to feel the excruciating pain experienced by the protagonist. Had this been better edited, the end product would have been more gripping.

Punchy dialogue and soulful music are definite bonuses.

Be on high alert about the film’s misogynistic content which can be extremely disturbing and hard to digest.

It is rugged, raw, intense and brutally affecting. On a cinematic note, this is Kapoor’s brutal best and recommended viewing for the not so faint-hearted.

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