Shailendra Sukhraj embraces at family member as his daughters killer is jailed for life. Picture: Chanelle Lutchman
Durban - The man accused of killing 9 year old Sadia Sukhraj has been jailed for life. 

Sibonelo Seni Mkhize, 39, received two life terms for the May 2018 murder of Sadia and his alleged accomplice. 

In passing sentence Judge Esther Steyn said:  "Ordinary citizens should not go through what Mr and Mrs Sukhraj went through on a ordinary day while taking their daughter to school."

She described the robbery as brazen for taking place in broad day light and near a school

Steyn said the sentence is not to impress the public but to take care of the interest of society

Steyn said the Sukhraj Family was not only robbed of a motor vehicle but also a beautiful and young girl. 

"She must have been terrified in her last moment because the vehicle was hijacked and driving at high speed."

The family are hugging each other. 

Mkhize plans on appealing.