Kiara Abigail Naidoo had to be extensively stitched after being attacked by a dog.
Durban - A six-year-old girl sustained 38 stitches to her head after she was attacked by a Rottweiler while on her way to a church in Bayview, Chatsworth, on Friday night.

Kiara Abigail Naidoo, a Grade 1 pupil, was dragged several metres by the dog, as it inflicted eight deep wounds to her head.

She was taken to RK Khan Hospital for treatment and has since been discharged. 

Recounting what happened, her mother, Karen Naicker, said Kiara attended children’s church every Friday at a nearby school. “Our pastor rents a classroom for our services.

“He fetched Kiara from home (in Umhlatuzana) and dropped her off with a few other children at the school. Their teacher, Ricco Pillay, was with them as our pastor had left to fetch a few other children.”

Naicker said as the children walked to the classroom with Pillay, they noticed four roaming dogs that belonged to the school’s caretaker.

“When Kiara saw the dogs, she got scared and Ricco picked her up. The Rottweiler was aggressive and charged toward them, while the dogs watched. It jumped on Ricco and he fell.

“He tried to hold on to Kiara, but the dog bit him on his hand and head. It then turned its attention to Kiara. It dragged her, while she screamed and cried. The other children had become hysterical.”

The dog’s owner, said Naicker, attempted to intervene but he was unable to control the Rottweiler. “He eventually managed to pin the dog to the ground, which enabled them to escape.”

The pastor arrived and took both Kiara and Pillay to the hospital.

The mother of three said she could not hold back her tears.

“Kiara had eight deep lacerations. A portion of her hair had to be shaved off to accommodate the 38 stitches. She was bleeding uncontrollably. I thought she was not going to make it. I stood in the hospital and prayed for God to save my baby. It is a miracle she is alive today.”

Naicker said she reported the incident to the principal. “However, no remorse has been shown to my child. I have even asked them to remove all the dogs from the property,” she claimed.

She said Pillay sustained a few stitches.

A spokesperson for the SPCA, Tanya Fleischer, said the organisation did not get involved in incidents like this as its focus was on animal welfare. But if an owner of a vicious dog brought it in to be put down, then the organisation followed its Dangerous Dog Policy.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said a case of keeping a ferocious dog was opened at the Bayview police station. A message was left for the principal. She had not commented at the time of publication and to date.