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Anger at being called ‘ma c****e’ while waiting in line at eatery in Suncoast Casino

By chanelle lutchman Time of article published Jan 17, 2020

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Durban - A DURBAN woman who was allegedly repeatedly called “ma c****e” and her 10-year-old daughter told to got back to India or Dubai, is angry.

The single parent and her child were waiting in line at a fast-food eatery at the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World on Saturday when another customer hurled racial slurs at her.

Aisha Ismail, of Durban central, said the eatery’s line was busy.

“While waiting in line, I was talking to a lady with a baby. When it was her turn to go to the cashier, a woman behind me shouted at the lady in front of me.”

She said the woman with the child placed her order and left.  

“It was then my turn to go to the cashier. However, the woman behind me cut ahead of me.”

Ismail said she tried to get the woman’s attention.

“I said, ‘Excuse me, mam’ but she ignored me. She eventually turned around and said ‘What?’.”

Ismail said the woman mumbled something in isiZulu to the cashier, which prompted the fast-food employee to chuckle.  

“I remained in the line until my turn, but she kept on speaking. After a while, she told me she would not allow me to control her. She said we people (Indians) always want to control them (blacks).

“She then told me I must not say ‘excuse me’ to her as she was not my maid and that my maid washes my underwear. I am ‘ma c****e’ and I must go back to where I come from.”

Ismail said she told the woman she was South African and there was nowhere for her to go.

“My child was defending us, saying we are South African, but the woman continued to laugh.”

Ismail finally placed her order.

However, the woman, she claimed, got irritated and tried to push her daughter.

“Eventually, out of fear, I shouted for a manager and for security. I asked that the police be called. The lady then disappeared.”

Ismail said Suncoast’s security arrived too late. “I am angry and disappointed that I had to defend my citizenship.”

She said she lodged a complaint with Suncoast’s management.

Suncoast said it was aware of the incident and had been in contact with Ismail.


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