Picture: Andreas Mathios-Blue Security

Durban - While house robberies and burglaries in Westville have shown a decline in today's crime statistics, Westville resident Mike Myers and former chairman of Westville CPF, said it was actually not a true reflection of the current situation. 

"If you had to look at the issue of house robberies in the last four months in both Westville and Cowie's Hill area, you will see an increase."

A burglary is defined as when no one is at home, while a robbery is when people are present. 

Myers who runs an emergency services company attributed the increase to high levels of unemployment. 

"It's just become easier for people to make a career out of crime," he said. 

In 2017 the Daily News reported that the surge in house breaking and robberies in Westville was the reasons more homes were going on sale in the area. 

In addition they reported that the issue of crime was having a negative effect on property prices.

Crime affects Westville property prices

Myers said people selling their homes due to crime was a national problem. 

"In the last two months we have lost a total of 43 clients who are emigrating. The majority are from Durban."

Speaking to the decrease in the crime stats in Westville, Myers attributed this to neighbourhood watches and SAPS activity. 

In areas like Phoenix, Chatsworth, and Sydenham there was a decline in house burglaries. 

House robberies increased in Phoenix from 67 crimes reported to 84. 

In Chatsworth crimes reported increased from 80 to 106. 

In March this year, armed robbers threatened to shoot a one-year-old during a home invasion in Chatsworth if the family did not cooperate. 

The suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash as well as dollars and euros. The family had been preparing for an overseas holiday. 

In July, a 57-year-old man was killed and his brother injured in a home invasion in Silverglen.