Warrant Officer Rajen Matthews Govender is set to testify in the Miguel Louw case. Picture: Puri Devjee

Durban - The Miguel Louw murder trial is set to continue in the Durban High Court today with the lead investigating officer Rajan 'RM' Govender in the witness box. 

Govender is the 10th person to testify in the trial.  Video footage is expected to be shown today. 

The trial began on October 21 and has been set down until November 8. 

Mohammed Vahed Ebrahim, the man accused of murdering the grade 4 pupil has pleaded not guilty to charges of theft, kidnapping and murder. 

Miguel was last seen in the presence of Ebrahim at a local eatery near his home in July 2018. 

His decomposed body was found in a shallow grave near Ebrahim's Phoenix home two months later.

During her evidence in chief Miguel's mother Raylene testified that Ebrahim had been friends even after she was fired from her job at a local butchery where they both had worked together. 

"We met at the butchery... He was promoted to manager and I was fired for no reason. He said he would help me and take me to CCMA," said Louw. 

In addition the court heard that Raylene had visited Ebrahim in jail and offered to pay his bail. 

She said that she had lied and she wanted answers about her son. 

In addition a 14-year-old Sydenham pupil, who testified in camera, told the Durban High Court how a man offered to pay his friend R10 to go and find Miguel Louw in his school on the day he went missing.