Caption: The Hindu Untity Movement’s performed a Hawan prayer at the Umgeni Road Temple. Charlene Naidu (National Treasurer); Prem Dehal (NEC Member); Pundit Satish Maharaj (NEC Member); Jayraj Bachu (National Leader); Ram Maharaj (National Chairperson); Rosh Moodley (National Secretary); and Amit Ramasar (National Vice Chairperson) Picture: Supplied
Durban - THE HINDU Unity Movement, which is set to become the country’s first Hindu political party, announced its national executive committee after a hawan at the Umgeni Road Temple on Sunday.

Former ANC councillor Jayraj Bachu will serve as its national leader and Ram Maharaj as national chairperson. Maharaj is the president of the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha.

The other national leaders are Hemant Bhimsen (deputy leader), Amit Ramasar (vice-chairperson); Rosh Moodley (secretary) and Charlene Naidu (treasurer).

The additional NEC members are Pundit Satish Maharaj, Raymond Naidoo, Prem Dehal, Radha Govender, Ishara Singh and Dhanpal Naidoo.

In-house elections determined the positions of members in the party.

Bachu said they were awaiting the decision of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa on whether their application to become a registered municipal party was accepted.

“I am phoning the offices every week asking about the progress of the application, and I get told it will take time and they are working on it.”

He said that after having invoked the “blessings of the Almighty” during the hawan, they embarked on a journey to serve people.

“We are committed to protect and promote Hindu interests, hopes, aspirations, and legitimate expectations with dedication and distinction. We will fight for what is right and fair.”

Bachu said each party, regardless of its strengths and weaknesses, had a role to play as well as serve its constituents.

“We will abide by the Hindu principles of love for all beings and recognise the dignity and divinity in all beings as equal children of our one loving Lord. We will serve everyone without discrimination, fear or favour.”

He said the NEC was excited and could not wait to hit the ground running.