LOOK: Domestic worker spots black mamba in boot of car

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Feb 18, 2020

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Durban - A domestic worker in Westville got the fright of her life when she opened the boot of her employer's car to find a black mamba staring her in the face on Monday afternoon.  

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans said he had received the call around lunch time and was expecting to find a house snake when he arrived. 

"The helper had been removing a basket from the boot and when she removed it the snake was behind there. The homeowners called me to say it was about a meter long brown snake and I thought argh its probably a house snake. 

"When I arrived I found that it was a black mamba, about a year old."

The car had to be stripped and after two hours it was found in the car's framework. Picture: Supplied

Evans said by the time he got there it quickly went into the car. He said it found a small hole and went into the car's body 

"I had to take the car to my friend at Dubcorp and we had to strip the car and ended up finding it in the frame work of the car. 

It was very difficult to catch the snake, it took a lot of effort and we eventually caught it after 2,5 hours.  

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans with his friend Rob who helped him strip the car. Picture: Supplied

He said the snake was still in his possession and would be released any day. 

Recently Evans had his hands full catching black mambas in people's homes,cars and even on a beach. 

He said there was no respite for Durbanites as there was snake activity the whole year through, because of the weather. 


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