Nick Evans with massive black mamba found on a curry leaf tree in Reservoir Hills. Picture: Supplied
Durban - A Reservoir Hills home owner was unpleasantly surprised to find a 2,5 metre black mamba coiled around a curry leaf tree on Tuesday. 

Durban snake catcher Nick Evans said he was called out to the residence in Fulham Road. 

"When I got there the snake was wrapped around the tree. From inspection I could see that it was one of the most massive black mambas I had seen in a while. 

"While the length was about 2,5 metres, what made the snake massive was the thickness. 

"It was also a very old snake and very strong and bulky."
The snake was in the curry leaf tree. Picture: Supplied

Evans said catching the snake was nerve-wracking as it was a windy day and the amount of leaves made it difficult to spot the head. 

"But in the end it was much easier to catch. I find that older snakes have a sense of arrogance, it's the younger ones that make it difficult to catch, they can be very cheeky."

Evans said he had the snake with him and would release it when the weather cleared up. 

"The sun gives snakes more energy."

After catching the black mamba Evans was called to a complex in Westbrook where a lady was washing dishes and spotted the 1,5 metre green mamba climb up a tree. 

"The snake was easy to catch and will also be released shortly."

Nick Evans also rescued a green mamba in the Westbrook area after a resident washing dishes spotted the snake through the window. Picture: Supplied

This week a highly venomous snake was captured at Winklespruit Beach after cooling of in the surf. 

Evans said the bloomslang was seen in the waves and on the shoreline and was released back into the bush.