The video purportedly showing a Phoenix mother allegedly abusing her 4-year-old daughter vent viral. (Screengrab from video.)

Durban - The National Prosecuting Authority has confirmed the mother in the Baby G abuse case will still not be allowed access to her child even though the matter was provisionally struck of the court roll. 

The Phoenix mother, 25, and her boyfriend, 20, were charged with attempted murder after a video of her allegedly abusing the 4 year old went viral in March 2018. The boyfriend allegedly recorded it on his phone. 

In the Verulam Magistrate's Court on Monday, State Prosecutor Ishara Sewnarain asked for an adjournment as the State was still awaiting the downloaded footage from the SAPS Cybercrime office. 

NPA spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson-Kara said Sewnarain had even requested the investigating officer in the matter to go to the SAPS Cybercrime Office, prior to the court appearance, to ensure that the footage was timeously ready. 

"While the prosecutor stood by her application for the further adjournment, the presiding magistrate in the matter took a decision to strike the matter off the roll."

Ramkisson Kara said it is the State’s intention to secure the outstanding video footage as soon as possible and have the matter reinstated as a matter of urgency.

"Concerning the child and her safety, the court had made an order that she be kept in the custody of her biological father. This order still stands and the accused in this matter will not be allowed access to the child."