File Picture: Pixabay
Durban - A day after a Muslim mother complained to the KZN Department of Education after her son was asked to either shave off his beard which he had grown for religious purposes or go home, the school has had a change of heart. 

The Phoenix woman said her brother received a telephone call from the school principal saying that they have come to a decision that her son,17, would be allowed to keep his beard. 

The matter, she said, came to head on Wednesday when the principal allegedly handed her son a razor at school and asked him to shave off his beard or go home. 

She further claimed that her son was told to go to a "Muslim school."

She said when her son refused, he gave him a pass to go home. 

The woman further claimed that when he arrived at the school with the moulana another teacher asked her son  if he is planning on becoming a moulana."

"We were also told that an official letter of apology would be sent home."

The mother said she was relieved that her son a grade 11 pupil can continue going to school and that the issue had been resolved. 

"As a parents we just want out kids to go to school and get an education. We are also working and cannot be going back and forth to school to deal with these issues."

The Department confirmed they had received the complaint and said both sides of the story needed to be established.