PICS AND VIDEO: Evasive black mamba caught in Shallcross after a year

By Jolene Marriah -Maharaj Time of article published Nov 7, 2019

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Durban - The black mamba that was caught in Shallcross earlier this week had been evading snake catcher Jason Arnold for almost a year. 

Arnold said he had been called to the house about 4 times in the past year. 

"There is one family that has called me everytime they spot the snake and they always see it in the same spot. 

"The last time the family saw it was about three months ago. 

"But by the time I arrive the snake has already disappeared either back into the bush or when it spots me it darts back into the bushes."

Arnold said the rest of the time it obviously lives in the bush away from people's homes.

"I have received calls from  time to time people whose properties border that bush have seen the snake travelling through the yard." 

He said when he got there this week it fortunately  it was still there, sitting in the sun.

"It was enjoying the sun and I was able to get quite close to it, before it did see me. 

"When it saw me it started to dart of toward the bush and I managed to quickly catch it with my snake tong."

Arnold said it the second biggest mamba he had caught. 

Watch local snake catcher Jason Arnold catches a 3 metre black mamba in Shallcross. Supplied

"The biggest was 3,1 metres."

He described this big boy as an old snake. 

"It's a very old snake, doesn't have much longer to live and I plan to release somewhere safe this weekend so it can leave the rest of its life peacefully, away from people and residential homes." 


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