RK Khan Hospital in Chatsworth. File photo: Zanele Zulu African News Agency (ANA) Archives.
Durban -  The Chief Executive Officer at RK Khan Hospital in Chatsworth has been redeployed to another State hospital.  

Chairman of the hospital's board Reverend Cyril Pillay confirmed Prakash Subban has been transferred to St Aidan's Hospital in Durban. 

"We appeal to the Department of Health not to implement his deployment because he was an excellent CEO looking after patients of all races and he was committed to helping those in need even after hours," said Pillay. 

Prakash Subban has been transferred to St Aidan's Hospital in Durban. Picture: Department of Health.
The State hospital recently came under flak after a patient was found with thousands of maggots in his mouth. 

The video of the patient had gone viral on social media. 

Following the incident, community leader Visvin Reddy formed the RK Khan action committee. 

Speaking about Subban's transfer Reddy said he hoped this was not part of the Department Of Health's plan to solve the problem at government hospitals. 

"In this case the problem is not Subban but limited resources. The department must take full responsibility. 

At RK Khan we need all vacant posts to be filled and another regional hospital needs to be identified for patients with minor illness so RK Khan can deal with the more serious cases."

Reddy said they wanted the entire hospital board removed and replaced with one that is acceptable to the community.