A screenshot of the armed hijacker approaching a driver at a fast food outlet drive-through.
A screenshot of the armed hijacker approaching a driver at a fast food outlet drive-through.

WATCH: Armed men hijack customer at fast food drive-through

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Mar 17, 2020

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Durban - The brazen hijacking at a fast food outlet drive-through has social media users concerned. 

In the 2-minute video posted on Dala u Crew, the person is seeing waiting to pick up their food at the window. 

In the next instant, a hijacker brandishing a firearm points the gun directly in the driver's face and orders them out of the car.


The armed hijacker escorts the driver out of the vehicle to the back. 

Another armed hijacker jumps into the driver seat. 

No one from the fast food outlet comes to the window. 

A passenger is then removed from the vehicle. 

The hijackers make of with the car. 

According to Dala u Crew the hijacking incident took place at a KFC Drive-through in Bramley, Johannesburg and a Range Rover Evoque was taken. 

Social media users commented: 

Sayed Zaheer Hoosman:  I think bring back death penalty cos we not safe any where its government responsibility and not KFC if they improve security it will come at a cost and the customers that we have to pay for it. 

Hlabirwa Mmina Tlou: I'm happy he gave them the car. They are heavily armed to take chances.

Mathebele Maake: Atleast there is a video footage, I hope they catch these fools

aishwarya_rajkumar: This isn't the first hijacking in the KFC drive through. We got hijacked in the Springfield drive through while paying for our meal, people were infront and behind us and still it happened. They took us with them for 1 and half hours almost and KFC did absolutely nothing about it. Unfortunately we have all live in fear for the rest of our lives. 

zaahid_jogee96: Aaahhh Noooo. Now we can't even buy food in peace. 


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