Local comedian Prev Reddy has released a comedic parody imitating Govender. Picture: Facebook

Durban - Days after veteran journalist Devi Sankaree Govender announced she would be leaving Carte Blanche, local comedian Prev Reddy has released a comedic parody imitating Govender. 

In the 6-minute video which has gone viral on social media Reddy plays the character of Aunty Shamilla who on the show exposes the antics of resident Saras Moodley who apparently has been lying to people about her cooking skills. 

Aunty Shamilla finds out that Moodley usually buys food and lies to her friends that she in fact cooked it. 

Reddy, a well-known comedian, plays all the different characters. 

Speaking about the video Govender said: Aunty Shamilla needs to apply for my job! without a doubt!

Last week news of Govender's departure after 18 years on the show caused a stir on social media with many saying it would not be same without her. 

Jan du Plessis, Director of M-Net Channels said in a statement: “As this chapter in Devi’s life journey closes, we would like to express our gratitude for the zest and passion she brought to Carte Blanche, our channel and the M-Net family. 

Speaking about the video Facebook users comments: 

Kameel Kalyan: This is absolutely brilliant! It's like watching Devi!

Seema Singh: Omg.. I loved watching this. Absolutely hilarious. I just love your intelligence in your humour. Keep it coming. 

Bimla Udithpersad: Such a captivating topic and what a perfect presenter you make. Well done Sister

Maggie Pillay Khan: Way to go Aunty Shamilla. Welldone , exposed to the point, cant wait for the unraveling Diwali parcels.