Mickyle Chinsamy
Mickyle Chinsamy

Wife heartbroken after husband found dead in Phoenix sports ground

By CHARLENE SOMDUTH Time of article published Feb 13, 2020

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Durban - NEWLY married Mickyle Chinsamy looked forward to sharing the rest of his life with his wife, Roberta Alexandra, and raising their 1-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Alexa.

But on Saturday, Chinsamy, 23, an employee at a beverage company, was killed during an apparent robbery near the Rydalvale Sports Grounds in Phoenix.

His body was found on a riverbed on Sunday afternoon.

Prem Balram, of Reaction Unit South Africa, said an officer on patrol in the area was flagged down by a passer-by, who made the discovery.

“The deceased was found in a seated position with his legs crossed. He sustained stab wounds to his chest and arm as well as a laceration to his face.”

Chinsamy’s wallet and Samsung A30 cellphone were missing.

His uncle, Moses Pillay, said Chinsamy left home at 9pm on Saturday to go to a nearby supermarket.

When he failed to return home by 10pm, Pillay said they began searching the neighbourhood for him. “We tried to call him on his cellphone but it was switched off.

“We called some of his friends but no one had seen or heard from him. It was like he just disappeared.”

Pillay said this was unusual behaviour for Chinsamy.

“We were all worried, especially Roberta, who became hysterical when we could not find him. We calmed her down and assured her we would start the search again in the morning.”

The next day another relative received a call from a police officer informing him that the body of an Indian man was found near the sports grounds.

Pillay, with Chinsamy’s parents, Denzil and Michelle, rushed to the scene.

“His parents were shown the body and they identified it as their son. Mickyle was in a seated position with wounds to his body and bruising.”

Pillay said he could not understand how his nephew got from the supermarket to the vicinity of the sports grounds.

“This does not make sense. I hope police investigations will give us answers. Crime in the country, especially in Phoenix, is out of control.

“We need police to do more to fight crime. Again, another child has to grow up without a father.”

Chinsamy had been looking forward to raising Alexa.

“She was his pride and joy. Marriage and fatherhood matured him and made him responsible. He wanted to give his daughter the best life.

“Roberta and Mickyle were inseparable. They both went to Northmead Secondary and dated for seven years.

“They married in October. She is struggling without him but we are all rallying around to support her and Alexa.”

Roberta posted an emotional tribute on Facebook: “How do I do this babe? Everything, we do it together.

“I’m so lost for words. I can’t bear this pain. Seven years together; you never left my side, always protected me and gave me so much love; it’s not even a year for us to be married babe, you are gone so quickly, my love.

“You left me and your baby girl. I’m so shattered. We had so many plans. I miss you so much already. How do I go on knowing you are not coming back?”

Chinsamy was cremated yesterday.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said a case of murder was being investigated.


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