Letter - Millions of Hindus throughout the world will celebrate Diwali in the traditional way - by lighting fireworks - which forms an integral part of our celebration, today and tomorrow.

Beyond the lights and fun, Diwali is also a time to reflect on life and make changes for the upcoming year. Let us show respect and compassion to animals.

The need for more restrictions on big bangs is necessary. Diwali is a sacred, religious and auspicious occasion that calls for the refinement of our spiritual, humanitarian and other values of bonding, sharing, promoting goodwill and charity. We need to be responsible during this period and take every precaution to keep our animals safe.

It is also important that, due to the regular increase in petrol and the tough financial times of price increases of most commodities that we are facing, we do not waste money unnecessarily on fireworks.

We need to come together to build a nation in our diversity, for a better society. To all POST readers who celebrate Diwali, let it be a distinguished celebration with decorum, peace and tranquillity, and a sense of undeniable charity.

To all who respect animals, you will be blessed for your love for the voiceless. My prayers to all readers, may you have a peaceful and blessed Diwali.