Dr Ebrahim Chohan.
Durban - It's very interesting what men look for in a partner. 

My experience is that the man’s choice of a partner boils down to one thing: his personality - what he likes, dislikes, his temperament, his ambition, etc.

It is his personality that determines his choice of a partner. 

A man who is quiet and prefers the indoors will likely seek someone who is also quiet. 

An adventurous man will find someone who is also adventurous, so they can enjoy outdoor times together. The serious type will look for a similar personality in a woman.

Men who are driven by materialistic goals have plans for amassing wealth to feed their wealthy lifestyles. Such men tend to seek a partner who has a well paid job or who has a wealthy background.

Others are guided by religious teachings and will therefore seek out a pious and God-fearing woman. 

Of course, there are those men who share such a close bond with their parents, that they will comply with the choice their parents make for them.

Age also tends to play its part in the choice. Young men tend to be attracted by a woman’s beauty. Older men are often attracted to a woman’s stability of life, her likes and her interests.

It is interesting that some psychologists think a man unconsciously chooses a partner who, in some ways, resembles one of his parents.

In their choice, men want respect, openness and understanding for one another.