A free medical camp is currently underway at the Chatsworth Stadium. Picture: Supplied

Durban - A free medical camp where residents can have free eye tests, pap smears, circumcisions is currently taking place at the Chatsworth Stadium. 

The initiative is being hosted by R K Khan Hospital, the Shallcross Business Forum and ward 71 councillor Previn Vedan. 

People will also get to know their status ahead of World Aids Day, on Saturday by getting tested for HIV/Aids. 

By Friday morning over 200 people had made use of the services. 

Co-ordinator of the medical camp, Desmond Chunredlal - who is also from the business forum, said this is the second medical camp that he has organised for the community.

“I know what it's like growing up in a home where you cannot make ends meet. I have always wanted to make a difference and assist people. I used to host these camps in Marianhill but I moved it to Shallcross. People are excited at the moment and happy because they are getting the medical assistance they need.”

Vedan described the camp as a brilliant idea and said it also ties in with World Aids Day that will be celebrated tomorrow, December 1.

He also called on others to join the camp saying it's not just for residents of Shallcross but for all those who need medical assistance but cannot afford it.

The legal resource centre SASSA, SAPS and drug counsellors are also present at the free camp.

The camp is scheduled to take place until 4 pm today.