Robbers ransacked the victims bedroom looking for the safe. Picture: Reaction Unit SA

Durban - A Verulam family were left fearing for their lives earlier this week, after four suspects threatened to roast a 5 year old in the oven, during a home invasion. 

The incident took place on January 9 before 9am. 

According to Balram, the 4 suspects are believed to have gained entry into the old Inanda Road home through an open door. 

"They held up the family, a domestic worker and a tiler who had been working at the home. 

"One of the suspects is confirmed to have been armed with a silver 9mm handgun. The suspects demanded to be shown the safe and threatened to roast the 5 year old daughter of one of the victims in the oven if they failed to comply," he said.

A magazine containing ammunition was found at the scene. Picture: Reaction Unit SA

Balram said one of victims led the suspects to a bedroom and pointed out the safe which was concealed in a cupboard. 

"The suspects ripped the safe off the wall with a spade. They then restrained the victims with the use of cable ties and nylon ropes before locking them in one of the bedrooms. They then fled the home with the safe containing an undisclosed amount of cash and seven cellphones. It could not be confirmed what vehicle the suspects fled in," he said. 

A magazine containing ammunition was recovered in one of the bedrooms and is believed  to have been dropped by the suspects during their escape.