Being on your phone less, translates into having more time for meaningful activities.
Being on your phone less, translates into having more time for meaningful activities.

How a digital detox will help you live mindfully

By Rakhi Beekrum Time of article published Mar 19, 2019

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Many people underestimate the amount of time spent on the phone and the times they check their phone.

Here are some benefits of a digital detox - making small changes towards using technology less.

* Improved relationships - less nagging from your significant other about your phone being more important than they are. More meaningful connections with loved ones, where you are 100% present and not distracted.

* More time for meaningful activities - both solitary and with loved ones. Less time online means more time for physical activities that are better for your health.

You also have more time to enjoy activities such as board games that allow you to connect with family and friends.

* You will be more productive at work if you check your phone less. We underestimate how much time this steals.

* You will get more done around the home.

* You feel more positive as there is a lot of negativity and, even if we’re not aware of it, we subconsciously compare ourselves to others on social media.

Their lives may appear to be better in some way (of course everyone only ever posts the highlights). Or we constantly feel that we need something just because we’ve seen it on social media (because media is meant to make us feel that we’d be happier and trending if we have X, Y or Z).

* Your focus and concentration will improve as there will be fewer distractions.

* You will live more mindfully as you will be more aware of your body and your emotions as you will not be constantly “filling in the quiet spaces”.

* Your sleep will improve once the interference of the blue light emitted by devices is removed, as these interfere with your circadian rhythms.

* Beekrum is a psychologist in Durban North with over 10 years of experience in marital therapy. You can follow her on Facebook (Rakhi Beekrum - Psychologist) and Instagram (@rakhibeekrum)

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