Actress, director, stand-up comedian and teacher Kumseela Naidoo will speak on Managing a Successful Marriage at the POST Women's Day Breakfast.

Durban - Creating a loving and lasting partnership is the goal for many couples who enter into a marriage, and this can be achieved if you remain grounded and true to yourselves.

So says actress, director, stand-up comedian and teacher Kumseela Naidoo, who will offer advice to women on the tools to manage a successful marriage at the Women’s Day Breakfast at Coastlands, uMhlanga, on August 1.

Naidoo, 50, of Westville, who has been married to actor Koobeshen for 28 years, said most women found it difficult to maintain traditions and stay true to themselves at the same time.

“It is important to let women know that they need to unlearn old habits and forget old stereotypes inculcated by a patriarchal society, cultural practices and the older generation, who have kept women oppressed by reinforcing a one-sided interpretation of norms, traditions, rules and values that continue to destabilise equality of the sexes,” said Naidoo.

“This is an issue that many women in our various communities face after marriage. I hope to educate them on how to create the balance in order to maintain a successful marriage.”

She and her husband, who featured in the local movie Keeping Up with the Kandasamys and can currently be seen on the television series Imbewu: The Seed, have three children Dheyanka, 25, Yuvaan, 22, and Nashka, 16.

“My husband and I owe much of our success to the fact that we stay grounded through being spiritually disciplined. We also attempt to set great examples for our children by putting family first. 

"Grandparents are priority, and our children have learnt to value the wisdom of senior members of the family.

“Every day, as an artist, brings new challenges, but the advantage of having a husband who shares my passion for the arts is great as we are able to bounce off ideas on each other and provide sounding boards for stand-up comedy and scripts.”

Speaking on the importance of empowering women, Naidoo said it was important to constantly remind women of their strength and beauty.

“It is the responsibility of all role-players; family, politicians and other leaders in society to set an example of integrity and respect in their behaviour toward women’s roles in society. 

"Children learn from example, so as teachers and parents it is important to not just preach doctrine and rules, but to lead by example.”