Jack Devnarain will make his debut in the local show ‘IMBEWU: The Seed’ on Friday.
Jack Devnarain will make his debut in the local show ‘IMBEWU: The Seed’ on Friday.

Jack Devnarain makes fresh debut

By Chanelle Lutchman Time of article published Jun 3, 2018

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Durban - Brace yourselves, Jack Devnarain is back on Friday. 

He will return to the small screen but not as soft-hearted Rajesh Kumar, but a vindictive and merciless predator, Shanil Maharaj, on the popular series IMBEWU: The Seed.

Devnarain described his character as a dirty, devious corporate shark.

“Shanil Maharaj is an influential Durban businessman and will have a big presence in the series. 

"I like to think of him as a corporate shark and the business is his own ocean. 

"He is different from Rajesh, who was anxious to impress people. Maharaj on the other hand enjoys making people uncomfortable and thinks about his own interests.”

The character was introduced to the show last week, by word of mouth, after one of the series’ board members mentioned him joining.

He is also the soon-to-be father-in-law of Shria Rampersad, played by Kajal Maharaj.

“When I make my debut I come in alone. However, there are talks about my family and they will soon be joining me on set,” said Devnarain, who will be travelling between Johannesburg and Durban for filming.

“This is a massive production and I feel at home here. I mean, this is my playground. 

"I am excited about my character, it will be fun to play and I can assure you I will be the character that people will hate because he comes in and tries to instigate others, and basically stir the still waters.”

He is equally excited about filming in Durban.

“Being a proudly Durban production, this is an amazing opportunity for Durban to show itself off and to show off the talent we have. 

"We are creating opportunities for actors and actresses here and the scope in Durban can only expand. 

"I am also sharing the set with a lot of great people and we are all learning together and encouraging one another to give our best performance.”

Devnarain said that since the news broke about his role in the series, he had been inundated with well-wishes.

“I have people messaging me about how excited they are for my return and others are saying they will start watching because I am joining. The reviews of the series is brilliant and it is different from the rest.

“It is something new, it touches on different cultures, it creates social cohesion and it also shows the different levels people are in - like their family life and their professional lives. So it's great.”

The series is screened on e.TV from Mondays to Fridays at 9.30pm.


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