Kamz Govender

LOCAL funny man Kamz Govender is on a roll with his comedy career.

“Last year was amazing for me as I performed my first one-man show, and this year I hope to tour with this show which is called The Punny-sher.

Govender recently featured in a line-up of young Durban comedians called Young Guns at the Amsterdam Comedy Club in Glenwood. Durban.

“It means the world to me to perform on this platform because three years ago I did my first-ever stand-up comedy performance at Young Guns, and I will forever be grateful to On Fire for this platform.”

Govender is a fan of sharing what's on his mind, from what he learnt in school and how it impacts his life today, to his take on school subject - with a funny twist of course.

Presented by On Fire Comedy, Savanna Cider and East Coast Radio, popular comedian Jem Atkins hosted a stellar comedy line-up of young, hot, talented Durban acts in the Young Guns show. Featuring Govender, Monde Blose, Nonto R, Thami Dlamini, Spencer Govender, Andrew Hughes and Kwanda Radebe the show staged last week at Amsterdam Comedy Club (Amsterdam Bar, in Glenwood).

“These young Durban acts are really funny, and they’ve proven this show after show over the last couple of years. They’ve got talent, and they’ve each been working hard to hone it and get more stage time. And that’s what Young Guns is about - giving young talented acts a stage where they can shine, even if it’s just for 10 minutes each,” he said.

“As the host, it’s my job to create a safe, fun space conducive to this. And, of course, to have renowned comedian Neil Green as headline was just a treat for all involved,” said Atkins.

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