A screenshot of the video doing the rounds on social media. Facebook
Durban - THE wife of the man who hurled the C- and K-words at an Indian manager at a Scottburgh KFC outlet recently said her life and that of her child were being threatened.

“No one knows what I’ve been going through. Scottburgh is a small place and everyone knows each other. People have been threatening my life and my child’s life at school.

“It isn’t my fault but I am being painted with the same brush,” she said.

The incident, captured on video at the Scottburgh eatery two weeks ago, went viral on social media.

The video was captured by Ashveer Harpal after he noticed the fellow customer had become enraged after his order had been bungled.

The customer leans over the counter, points his fingers at the manager, shouts at him and hurls obscenities.

He then shouts out something in Afrikaans, while the manager responds: “I won’t swear (at) you, but do you have a right to call me a k*****? I will call the police and arrest you now.”

The customer goes on to say: “To steal from me. Third time you steal from me now. You want to arrest me, come you ****** c***** k*****. I know what your face looks like, you ****** piece of ****.”

The customer’s wife claimed that the manager was also at fault.

“During a telephonic conversation, my husband told the manager that they had messed up his order for the third time this week. The manager was rude and told my husband to ‘shove it up his ****. My husband was clearly upset because he loves KFC.”

She said her husband had been intoxicated, which heightened his emotions. The wife said she was, however, not making excuses for him.

“He certainly regrets his choice of words and is definitely embarrassed about it. He said those things without thinking and is deeply apologetic.”

She also rejected reports that her husband had fled the country to avoid prosecution.

The wife said her husband was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for a job interview. “He did not flee the country. In fact, on the day of the incident, he was scheduled to leave the country.

“But we are trying to get him back in order to deal with what has happened.”

She also denied reports that he was fired from his job in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to racial references to employees: “It is all lies. They were merely retrenching staff. He was never fired.”

A case of crimen injuria has since been lodged with Scottburgh police.

A local councillor, Roy Bhoola, said he lodged a formal complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

The outlet manager, Dicky Mudaly, said he would not take the insults lying down and was contemplating pursuing legal action. The public affairs director of KFC Africa, Thabisa Mkhwanazi, said: “KFC condemns and finds the disturbing racial incident unacceptable.

“We value our team members and are committed to promoting an environment where our people feel respected and safe.

“The team members in this instance are understandably upset and we have arranged access to the required trauma counselling for them to have the support they need.

“At KFC, we take strong exception to any individuals who display acts of hate speech, abuse, and violence in our restaurants.”

The SAHRC had not responded at the time of publication.