Julius Malema
Letter - ADDRESSING supporters at the Chatsworth Stadium recently, EFF leader Julius Malema once again attacked Indians for exploiting black workers.

He accused Indians of not paying their black workers proper salaries, saying they were instead paying them in groceries and old clothes.

Malema’s views are thumbsuck and misguided notions without any empirical evidence to support them.

Did he carry out any research among other race groups before he uttered such provocative untruths?

Most Indians treat their workers well and pay them salaries in line with those laid down by the National Minimum Wage Act (2018).

If Malema has evidence that Indians are not adhering to the country's labour laws, then he should name and shame such employers.

But please don’t tar all Indians with the same brush just because of a handful of Indians who exploit their black employees.

On many occasions when Malema branded Indians as racists, the DA didn't utter a word of condemnation.

Land-grabbers are invading so-called Indian areas in Bonela and Clare Estate, and yet there is silence from the official opposition.

The DA, having gone to bed with the EFF in certain metros, conveniently remained silent in order not to fracture the unholy alliance.

It has publicly stated that if the ANC’s majority drops below 50%, it will form a coalition with the EFF to govern South Africa.

The irony is that most of the Indian electorate will use their vote on May 8 not to punish the DA, but to return the party to Parliament to continue its shenanigans with Malema.

As Indians, we lack self-respect.

And this is the reason why the DA looks upon the Indian community as nothing more than voting fodder.