Letter writer pays tribute to Reverend EJ Moodley, who died almost 2 weeks ago.

Letter - In my run-ins with Rev Emmanuel Moodley, not once did he disrespect or condemn my religion; he always showed and gave my Hindu religion respect.

He also acknowledged that one did not need to be Christian to go to heaven, so I always told him, as a 100% Hindu, “I’m going to the same place (Mahatma) Gandhi went to when I die”.

His reply was as long as I do lots of good deeds.

The other very interesting, admiral and intelligent part of Rev Moodley was when couples and people were unstable and irresponsible, not following God’s path, he did not always say that person has the devil on them, or an evil spirit etc on them, like so many pastors and other spiritual people say, as fast as a lazy and useless lawyer uses the insanity claim to free his client of jail time.

He acknowledged some people really needed medication too and not only prayers.

His honesty was 100% as many pastors are too fast to always blame the person for having a devil or an evil spirit on them and only if they converted to Christianity would the devil or evil spirit come out.

Rev Moodley was such a good listener; he absorbed, not once insulting or bringing down any religion.

He truly respected everyone, irrespective of religion.

He had such a learning mind and was also a liberated thinker.

As a Hindu, I pray that God keeps his soul well, hopefully others can learn from his respect, honesty and down-to-earth attitude.