Single Mumtaaz Sophia Khan prefers spending Valentine's Day with friends and family. Picture: Shafee Vadia

Durban - For most people, Valentine’s Day is about spending a romantic evening with one’s significant other over a candlelit dinner and exchanging cute and cuddly gifts, but not for candidate attorney and model Mumtaaz Sophia Khan, who prefers spending the day with friends and family.

The single, confident and charismatic 26-year-old, of Glenmore, who will spend February 14 with her folks, Cheryl and Teddy, says she does not believe in settling down.

“I am a deeply passionate person and believe in authentic, unconditional, exhilarating love. It definitely does exist but most people approach love and relationships wrongly,” said Khan.

“Real love inspires you to be your best self. Lots of people have voids that they are trying to fill, so they get into something as a quick fix and then they are on to the next person.

“What most people are mistaking for love today, is attachment based on unauthentic connection and need. Real love rests on giving and loving without need. You kind of just want the other person to be happy, genuinely happy, regardless.”

Khan, who is also an empowerment coach, said her parents were her biggest inspiration.

“They have been an exemplary couple all my life. Their relationship is based on love, respect, understanding, autonomy, trust and the knowledge that they are both constantly expanding as individuals.

“They are inspiring because they are all about intentional, heartfelt communication. Obviously it’s not always perfect, but they choose to deal with differences in a loving manner.

“They both value their own space and give each other the floor to be their individual selves completely. Also, they are the biggest jokers. They are always laughing. 

"They are each other’s best friends and partners in crime. There’s a childlike innocence about their relationship and most couples lose that.

“Love is a choice and they just choose each other, always! I also admire George and Amal Clooney. Their eyes alone communicate the passion and love they share.”

Khan, who believes her dad and James Dean are the perfect men, believes Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised.

“It’s business at the end of the day. Market it the right way and appeal to all the right senses and you can commercialise just about anything nowadays.”

Although single, Khan says she will not give up on the belief that Mr Right is somewhere out there.

“My natural state is one of being in love. I’m in love with life. I believe in living life with love as the foundation and doing anything from a place of love. 

"We look at love as this big concept like it’s rocket science but it’s actually really simple. When you know exactly who you are, you will experience love in its rawest form because you are able to give love in its rawest form and only then will you value receiving it too.

“I always say, If you’re going to enter someone’s life, be a good person, be intentional and honest because we’re all human and our hearts are sacred.”