Shailendra Sukhraj.

Durban - Shailendra Sukhraj said the day hijackers drove off with his daughter Sadia in his car his only concern was his child. 

Testifying in the Durban High Court on Tuesday Shailendra said as he entered the home and took out his own firearm many thoughts crossed his mind. 

"My family was at stake, my primary concern was my child in the vehicle."

He said the day started as a bright summers day and that the family carried out their routine duties - which was to drop off his then six-month-old son Jaziel at his in-laws home before dropping Sadia at school.

He said when they arrived at their in-laws home, his wife carried the baby inside and he followed with the diaper bag. 
“We were inside for a minute and my wife exited first. When she did I heard her say "Oh my God" and went to investigate to found two  males- one at the driver's side door and another at the passenger side door.”

Sukhjraj said the man at the passenger side had his silver handgun pointed at him as he demanded the car keys. 

“I tossed the keys and backed away slowly into the house," said Shailendra. 

The accused Sibonelo Mkhize, 35, pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.