Durban - The National Director of Public Prosecutions has appointed a new state prosecutor in the Durban bomb scare matter. 

This was announced on Monday in the Verulam Family Court. 

The 12 men who were arrested in October face charges including terrorism, murder, attempted murder, extortion, kidnapping, contravention of the Explosive Act and arson.

In court on Monday, state prosecutor, Adele Barnard said the National Director of Public Prosecutions has instructed her not to handle the case and a new prosecutor is expected to take over in May. 

The suspects are allegedly linked to a spate of bomb scares in and around Durban between May and July. 

The suspects are also allegedly linked to the attack on the Imam Hussein Mosque in Verulam where Abbas Essop was killed in May 2018. 

In addition, a police expert who was scheduled to analyse voice samples taken from the alleged ring-leader Farhard Hoomer, was unable to get financial authorisation from SAPS to be present at the case. 

All 12 suspects are currently out on bail. 

The case was adjourned for early May.