Tevin Govender and his former fiance Shivani Govender during their better days.
Tevin Govender and his former fiance Shivani Govender during their better days.

Couple in romantic Times Square engagement break up on Instagram

By JOLENE MARRIAH-MAHARAJ Time of article published Feb 22, 2019

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Durban - THEIR proposal was like a scene out of the Hollywood movie Friends with Benefits, with an elaborate, flash mob dance at Times Square in New York.

But instead of celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple, Shivani Govender and Tevin Govender are now at the centre of a much publicised breakup.

Shivani, 25, a former Miss India SA and a project manager at FNB, claimed this week that Tevin ended the relationship in December and in January she found out he was being unfaithful.

Shivani said she had consulted her attorneys.

The couple had a public spat on social media last week over a women empowerment workshop Shivani intends on hosting at the end of March.

One of the topics she was going to deal with was how to deal with breakups.

This prompted their respective lawyers to be drawn into the matter.

Tevin Govender’s proposal to Shivani Govender in Times Square in New York.

In August, Tevin, 26, went down on one knee and asked Shivani to be his wife. He also hired a digital message screen flashing the words: ‘I Love You, Mrs G, Will you marry me?’ while dancing to the song Goodnight by John Legend.

Their engagement was also featured in the New York Times.

At the time of the engagement, the couple told POST they received tons of congratulatory messages.

They spent a week at a penthouse in New York sightseeing and visiting the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire Building.

Speaking this week to IOL, Tevin, 25, who is employed in commercial finance, said that he preferred his privacy.

He said everyone went through breakups and theirs had happened because they did not have similar personalities.

He declined to comment on his alleged infidelity.

Last week, Tuckers Incorporated, a law firm in Boksburg, issued a letter on behalf of Shivani.

She thereafter posted the letter on her live feed on Instagram.

The letter reads:

Our client’s instruction is that we are to address the recently unjustified, publicised statement made by Mr Tevin Govender, on her behalf as follows:

Being in the public eye naturally attracts attention whether from sensation-hunters or indeed from those who care for your well-being.

Heartbreak, like love, does not discriminate. Breakups are equally painful to the young and the old, rich and poor, famous or infamous, celebrity or average Joe. That is because we are all human.

Whilst it is our client’s intention in her coming workshop topic regarding the recent breakup, it is certainly not a marketing tool for financial gain.

Our client is not in the business of making money out of people’s pain or misfortune, instead makes every effort and attempt to build people up.

The letter also states that it was not Shivani’s intention to air Mr Govender’s dirty laundry.

“It was never going to involve the intimate details of our client’s relationship and ultimate breakup.”


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