Dan Sahadeo, who found the victim, said he would not go down without a fight. Sibonelo Ngcobo African News Agency (ANA)
Dan Sahadeo, who found the victim, said he would not go down without a fight. Sibonelo Ngcobo African News Agency (ANA)

Female farmer, 54, survives bloody attack by hammer wielding robbers

By Chanelle Lutchman Time of article published Oct 16, 2020

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Durban - A NORTH Coast woman is recovering after she was hit in the face with a hammer and stabbed in the stomach and leg during a robbery at her farm in Holmbosch near Nonoti.

Ashnee Ramasir, 54, was discharged from hospital on Friday, two days after three suspects gained entry to her home. She is now living with relatives on the KZN South Coast.

Her neighbour, Dan Sahadeo, 74, found her on Thursday morning - more than 12 hours after she was attacked.

He said a woman, who was walking past Ramasir’s home, heard her crying.

“I live on a farm about 25 metres away from Ashnee’s home. I was sitting outside at around 11am when a woman approached and told me she heard crying from that property

“I immediately walked to Ashnee’s home. As I entered the yard, I found her on the veranda. She was covered in blood, was crying and she could barely speak,” said Sahadeo.

He said he helped her to get back into the house.

“Ashnee told me that on Wednesday night, at around 9pm, three men entered her home through the roof. She heard the commotion and hid in the bathroom but they found her.

“They dragged her out of the bathroom and into the lounge. They demanded money.”

He said when she told them she did not have money, they beat her.

“The robbers were angry. They used a hammer to hit her in the face. They also stabbed her on the side of her stomach and her leg and they ransacked the home. The men took a suitcase of clothing and jewellery before they fled.”

Sahadeo said Ramasir spent the night alone.

“After the attack, she passed out and regained consciousness the next morning. She was unable to walk and with the little strength she had left, she dragged herself to the veranda.”

He said he called her family and the ambulance services for assistance.

“Ashnee was born and brought up on the farm. Her parents were vegetable farmers and they also owned a shop. Her siblings moved out of the area but she wanted to stay. She lived alone. I watched her grow up. The attack on her has angered me.”

Sahadeo also grew up in the area.

“My parents were vegetable farmers. Although we are not farming anymore, I live here to keep our family’s legacy alive. People living on farms are seen as easy targets. Farmers are being attacked and nothing is being done about it.”

Sahadeo said he would not go down without a fight.

“I have a shotgun that I keep at my bedside to protect myself. I will use it if I am attacked. I cannot wait for the police or a security company because they will never be able to help me on time.

“My house is situated in a rural area with gravel roads. We are more than half an hour away from the KwaDukuza CBD.”

Madhun Singh, the councillor in the area, said a rural safety plan needed to be implemented.

“Attacks on people living on farms are getting out of hand. These attacks are premeditated. Criminals are aware families live in isolation as neighbouring farms are often a distance away. Security needs to be stepped up.”

In his weekly column, President Cyril Ramaphosa said people who thought farm attacks affected just a small part of the population were wrong.

“The farming community is an integral part of our economy. The farming community produces the food that we eat. Violent crime on farms poses not just a threat to the safety of our rural communities, but to our nation’s food security,” the president wrote.

Captain Nqobile Gwala, the provincial police spokesperson, said a case of assault and house robbery was being investigated.

No arrests have been made.

The family could not be reached for comment.


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