Kandasamys’ is proof of local content quality

Mishqah Parthiephal and Madhushan Singh in a scene from Kandasamys: The Wedding. Picture: African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Mishqah Parthiephal and Madhushan Singh in a scene from Kandasamys: The Wedding. Picture: African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Published Aug 25, 2019


​THE makers of Kandasamys: The Wedding have a lot to celebrate.

The film raked in R3million more at the box-office, compared with its prequel, Keeping Up With The Kandasamys. There is now a possibility it will be screened internationally.

“And it is all thanks to you,” said the film’s writer and director, Jayan Moodley.

“I think I will always have a feeling of immense gratitude that the community has come out in such numbers to support a local film,” said Moodley.

“I think it is incredible that, at a time when people had the choice to watch so many films (like those from Hollywood), they chose to support a proudly Durban, proudly Chatsworth-owned story.

“It makes us feel overwhelmed by this level of support. We feel the love. We feel blessed. And, on behalf of the cast and crew and the entire production team, we want to say a huge thank you to every person who supported our film.”

This weekend would mark three months since the sequel’s Easter Weekend release.

The POST asked Moodley about the final box-office figures and the developments since then.

“The movie finished off on R18.9m at the box-office this time around, as compared to R16.3m for the first film and we ran for a total of 14 weeks as compared with 12 weeks for the first film.

“This, in itself, is indicative of the fact that fans are so invested in the story and they are so invested in the characters, that they actually own this movie.”

And, while not being able to say too much at this stage, Moodley confirmed that plans are afoot for the film to screen abroad.

“We have already started negotiations with international sales agents to cross South African borders. We have also been approached by quite a few film festivals for the movie to be screened overseas, but nothing has been confirmed at this stage. We have also signed a few deals with some airlines, so it is fantastic that Kandasamys: The Wedding will be flying high very soon.”

Written by Moodley and popular actor/singer/writer Rory Booth, Kandasamys: The Wedding stars Jailoshini Naidoo, Maeshni Naicker, Koobeshen Naidoo, Yugan Naidoo, Mishqah Parthiephal, Madhushan Singh and Mariam Bassa.

Asked if a prequel was on the cards, Moodley said: “I have not decided on the next project yet. I might be looking at doing another film, but only time will tell.

“I think it is important that whatever project we do next really makes the community, and South Africa at large, proud that there are quality South African films”

With many local films celebrating success in recent months - the likes of 3 Days to Go, Red Room, Deep End and the recently released Kings of Mulberry Street - she said it was heart-warming to see the industry turn the corner and filmmaking take off in the country.

“And, more importantly, to see different communities having representation on the big screen.

“This is something that is absolutely beautiful to watch and it is unfolding right now, at this moment in time.

“A few years ago, for example, there was no filmmaking industry in Durban and in KZN. Now we are at a point where we have a number of movies being made every year, throughout the city and the province. This in itself is so telling, not just for the industry, and not just for the cast and crew; but also for the viewers - that people want to watch local films.

“They want to see local stories on the big screen.

“And now, it’s about quality content and making sure that every film we, as South Africans, make, tells a beautiful story and does justice to the filmmaking industry, which we are trying very hard to grow.”


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