Sadia Sukhraj and her father, Shailendra.Pictures: Supplied and Doctor Ngcobo/African News Agency (ANA)
Durban - Following the release of the ballistics report, Sukhraj family spokesperson, the Reverend Cyril Pillay, issued a statement this week. It read:

“Sadia Sukhraj parent’s pastor Shailendra and his wife Lorraine are still in the midst of their worst nightmare.

“Last week was the 10th birthday of their eldest daughter. Sadia was the very life and essence not only to her parents but also to her grandparents. A house usually filled with excitement and laughter now brims with sadness, mourning and regret.

“The ongoing court case, imminent final decision and prescribed punishment will not phase the already numb parents.

“Which dad will not retaliate when his screaming daughter is being hastily driven away in the back of his hijacked vehicle? Which dad will ever let anyone lay a hand on his little daughter? Which dad will not use every available means to save his daughter from a potentially hazardous situation?

“The dad has been emotionally traumatised since that day.

“Despite spiritual, psychological and post-traumatic counselling the parents are still in a prison of their own.

“We hope and pray the law will leave the already punished parents to heal quietly.”