Minister to meet with Phoenix residents over water crisis

Residents at the water protest last month. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Residents at the water protest last month. Picture: Doctor Ngcobo

Published Feb 9, 2024


The Minister of Water and Sanitation Senzo Mchunu will be meeting with Phoenix residents to address the water crisis in the area.

Kamogelo Mogotsi, the media liaison officer for the department, said Mchunu would meet with the community on Sunday, at the Sastri Park Community Hall at 2pm.

Two weeks ago, residents protested against the ongoing water cuts. They blocked off entrance and exit points in the area and held placard demonstrations.

Since the protest, the water situation has not improved. In some areas residents have had intermittent water supply, while other areas have been without water altogether.

Yvonne Naidoo, a resident of Northcroft, said her area had not had water for five days.

"Pupils go to school and are sent home early because there is no water there either. They are missing out on school work. It is concerning because the examinations are next month. Those who work are also impacted. For those of us that are at home, everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning are a challenge."

Naidoo said she hoped the minister would provide immediate solutions.

Michelle Francis, a resident of Palmview, said: "The water comes on in the morning and goes off in the afternoon. We cannot live like this any longer. Water is a basic need and it is sad what we are going through. I will attend the meeting because I want answers from the minister. We want this issue resolved."

To add to residents' woes, there are only a limited number of water tankers available to them.

In a statement, the Voice of Phoenix, a community organisation focused on resolving service delivery issues, appealed to residents to attend the meeting so that their plight could be heard.


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