Owner tells SPCA they tied cat during lockdown to prevent it spreading covid-19 from neighbours

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 14, 2020

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During - The SPCA in Bloemfontein has expressed dismay after animals were found neglected during the lockdown. 

"It should not be an excuse for the community to neglect or torture animals in the name of covid-19 pandemic," said the SPCA in a statement. 

"It is understandable that everyone is panicking and anxious due to the pandemic that has attacked our country. However, abuse of animals will not be tolerated. 

"The public is encouraged to work with the SPCA during this difficult time if there are any uncertainties about animal welfare. It is heartbreaking to find pets in an unfavourable condition."

The SPCA said said it found two cats tied to old TV with a rope over the weekend, with the owner's excuse being that the animal will bring them the virus since the cats do visit the neighbours.

The SPCA has removed a cat from its owner as the cat was tied during lockdown.

Picture: SPCA

"This is unacceptable and cruel. Animals do not carry the virus and cannot spread it to humans."

The SPCA said a warning was issued to the owner to never keep animals in those conditions again. 

"The owner also signed the cats over to the SPCA for better care."

In a separate incident a owner allegedly left their two dogs alone during the lockdown without water and food.  

"A concerned community member informed the SPCA about the situation whereby the dogs were left alone with no water or food. 

The SPCA said when it arrived on the premises the dogs were not in a good condition. 

In a separate incident an owner allegedly left their two dogs alone during the lockdown without water and food.

Picture: SPCA

"They were very skinny and their rib bones were visible. The dogs were also caged in a small space."

The SPCA said the area where the animals were kept was very dirty and smelly. 

"Old feces were seen in the cage which clearly indicated that no one cleaned for them for a while. An eye witness reported that the owner left about a week ago. 

"The dogs were taken to the SPCA for better care. We suspect that the owner might have left to a different location due to the panic. However, that should not be an excuse. A random check to the premises will be done to make sure that no animals are left again alone in future."


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