Teacher prayed, committed life to God



Published Jun 8, 2024


A TONGAAT teacher said when the tornado struck, she was travelling home from work and all she could do was “pray and commit my life to God”.

Edwina Ezekiel Bridgemohan, 40, who lives at the corner of Naidoo Road and Naidoo Knoll in Sandfields, said the “monstrous” tornado ravaged her home.

“I teach at a school just up the road from where I live and I was on my way home. I was on the phone with my husband when I saw this whirlwind pass my car. I could feel the car being lifted slightly and it was scary. I just prayed and committed my life to God.

“I managed to get home safely but by that time the devastation on our road was beyond belief. I realised then that it was only with God’s protection that I got home a little later than usual. A huge tree had fallen right in front of my house, a few seconds before my arrival,” said Bridgemohan.

She said: “My entire house was destroyed. There is nothing left. I had to buy new clothes and shoes in the morning. The people who live across from me were actually lifted up by the tornado and flung a short distance away. They are in hospital for their injuries.”

She added her in-law’s home, next door to hers, had also been extensively damaged.

“They were trapped inside and the boys from the area had to help get them out. They are both 78 years old and were injured from the ordeal. They too were taken to hospital. They are recovering at their daughter’s home.”

Bridgemohan said the entire experience was devastating as they were still recovering from the 2022 flood damage.

“Thank God we are insured. But after our claim from the floods, we are hoping that it will not compromise us now,” she said.

She added that the North sector CPF, Suresh Ramsahai, was hands-on throughout the night and helped out a lot where needed.