Members of Shallcross stood in solidarity at the entrance of their roads.
Members of Shallcross stood in solidarity at the entrance of their roads.

There is no race war between Indians and blacks, just people protecting their homes from looting - eThekwini residents

By Nokuthula Mabuza Time of article published Jul 15, 2021

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Nikita Chiniah and Nokuthula Mabuza

Durban: As violence continues across the city, some residents in eThekwini continue to protect their suburbs. They say they are protecting their neighbours, irrespective of race.

Aidan David, the chairperson of the Isipingo Community Police Forum (CPF) said: "The past few days have been challenging. People are now saying there is tension between Indians and blacks and that barricades are being set up to keep black people out of neighbourhoods. But what is happening has nothing to do with inter-racial relations. Historically, Indians and blacks have always worked well together. We are merely protecting all race groups in Isipingo from being looted."

Vijay Naicker, an administrator of three WhatsApp crime groups in Chatsworth, said: "I want to place on record that not all black people are looting and that there is no war between Indians and blacks. Likewise, black folks must also realise that we (Indians) do not hate them."

Ish Praladh, the chairperson of the ratepayers association in Reservoir Hills, said he approached Indian and black communities in the area to unite against those who are looting and burning down businesses.

Residents in the Croftdene, Chatsworth placed barricades creatively throughout their roads.

“Our neighbourhood watches consist of both Indian and black people. We are working 24 hours to ensure safety and peace for our families and the neighbourhoods. I approached people living in the informal settlements around the area and explained the reason behind these checks. I urged everyone to come together and assist in protecting our homes and the remaining stores that were not looted. We are not violent at all. We are just protecting our homes. No one has been told they cannot enter the area based on their race."

Samier Singh, the Ward 54 councillor in Phoenix, said: “A few days after the looting, started we decided to leave our houses and protect entrances to our homes. We were making sure that our families and communities, irrespective of race, were not targeted."

Reservior Hills residents blockading entrance leading to their homes.

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