Vidya Vox proud to be Indian in America

Published Nov 22, 2017


Durban - YouTube singing sensation, Vidya Vox is proud of her Indian roots and feels great to be an Indian in the United States.

The singer whose real name is Vidya Iyer, was born in Madras (now Chennai) but grew up in Virgina, Los Angeles, admitted to IANS that she often shunned her Indian heritage because she was bullied at school. 

"I was bullied when I was in middle school in DC, especially for being an Indian, because there weren't many Indian kids in school. And because of that, I tended to hide my Indian culture, but that changed by the end of high school. Now, I am 100% proud of it. I am not going to hide it any more," she said.

"Growing up, I had a bit of an identity crisis. I spoke in Tamil at home and ate dosa and idli. At school, I would listen to Beyonce (Knowles) and eat pizza and fries," she added.

During her recent trip to Durban in September, Vox said she felt as though she was living in two separate worlds growing up.  

“I grew up learning carnatic music but I also enjoyed english music so I always thought I could marry the two words and we tried the idea once and it was a hit,” she said.  

In 2015, Vox launched her Youtube channel with mashups of western music and songs from India. She currently has over three million subscribers to her channel.


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