ZP Dala

The editorial team behind the anthology of authentic South African literary works, are respected published women authors Zainab Priya Dala, Sylvia Garib and Kripa Devar.

The first edition of The Durban Review, the women’s anthology titled Drumbeat from Africa - Writings from Women of Africa was unveiled at a ceremony in association with the Consulate of India and the Durban University of Technology.

Dala explained: “Part one of the review is the women’s anthology. There will be a children’s writers anthology, a poetry anthology and a memoir anthology. We hope to release the review biannually or annually depending on interest.

“Ultimately we hope we are able to publish these further anthologies and encourage people who have never written before to come out and be published. We plan to host workshops and mentorship programmes so that people are empowered to tell their stories.”

Dala said plans are afoot for The Durban Review to go international via distribution to libraries overseas.

“We are very excited. The review involves novices, from children as young as 15. Some have written in English, Zulu and Hindi. So we are very excited.”

In a press statement, the editorial team said the first anthology began in 2018 after a call for voluntary submissions from women of all walks of life, both novice and experienced writers.

Writers living in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as those with ties to Durban, responded resulting in 50 stories and poems in this inaugural anthology.

“As women, we wondered how we could support and empower our sisters to live meaningful lives. We are passionate authors ourselves and we believe in our own writing and so, we decided to create a supportive platform we know best, that is, through the art of writing,” they said.

Stories of hardships, mental and physical abuse and suffering, and other stories of achievements, motivations and humour make up the first anthology. 

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