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Durban - A male nurse at an Isipingo hospital has been suspended following allegations he requested a patient remove her bra and loosen her pants to help lower her raised blood pressure.

The man, 32, is alleged to have then unzipped his pants and rubbed his genitals against the woman’s face.

The manager of the Isipingo JMH Hospital, Dharmendra Parekh, said the male nurse, who worked at the hospital’s occupational medicine centre, had been suspended with immediate effect on April 3, pending an internal investigation.

Parekh said he had met the 22-year-old patient’s family a day after the alleged sexual assault.

The incident has been reported to police.

The woman’s mother said her daughter was terribly shaken after the incident.

“When she told me what had happened to her, I was in shock and could not sleep that night.

“I only told my son what had happened the following morning and he insisted we notify the hospital and the police,” said the mother, who owns a business in Isipingo, south of Durban.

She said the family had known the nurse, as he had previously examined her older daughter at the same hospital.

“At the time, she had applied for a job overseas and needed to undergo a medical examination.

“So when my younger daughter got accepted to work overseas, she was also asked to undergo the same tests and went to the same hospital (on April 2).”

The mother claimed her daughter left home at 7.30am.

She claimed the male nurse called her and advised her not to go to the hospital as the daughter would be there most of the day.

“By 1pm her blood work had been completed by a female nurse and my daughter was then left in the care of the male nurse. He said he needed to test her blood pressure and when he was done, he told my daughter it was high and he needed to bring it down.”

The mother claimed the male nurse called a doctor on his cellphone and the doctor allegedly told him to request the patient remove her bra and loosen her pants.

“The nurse then told her she could not use her phone and made her switch it off.”

The mother claimed the nurse unzipped his pants and made her daughter touch his genitals before rubbing them against her face.

“My daughter said she was afraid to scream, for fear that he would inject her with medication that would make her drowsy.”

By 6pm, her daughter had not arrived home and the mother could not reach her on her cellphone. She ended up going to the hospital to check on her.

“I was scared something had happened.”

She said she searched for her daughter and found both of them in the reception area.

“My daughter looked troubled. When we began talking, the nurse interrupted and said he would walk us out.”

The nurse allegedly also told the daughter she needed to return the following day for additional tests.

“When we got home, I asked her why her cellphone was off and why the examination had taken so long. That’s when she told me what had happened. She was so distraught she could barely speak.”

When contacted on Tuesday, a woman claiming to be the nurse’s wife, answered. She said her husband was not available to speak and declined to comment on the alleged sexual assault.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala, said a case of sexual assault had been opened at the Isipingo SAPS and that a 32-year-old man had been arrested.

The nurse appeared in uMlazi Magistrate’s Court on Friday.