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NHI can address SA's biased health-care system

Many of these frail, elderly men and women are forced to use public transport and visit state hospitals in Chatsworth and Phoenix, although they have children who have luxury cars, hold good jobs and enjoy medical aid cover, which provides their young families with access to the best private hospitals and medical specialists.

4 July 2018 | The Post

Stop your race baiting,Malema

But when Malema assumed leadership of the EFF and found himself in a direct collision course with the ANC, he conveniently changed tactics, making Zuma the prime target of his party’s strategy.

21 June 2018 | The Post

Time for neighbours to unite

The community must insist on effective policing, which once brought crime down to zero, writes former ANC Chatsworth branch chairperson, Visvin Reddy

12 June 2018 | The Post

The Rise of a Revolutionary

“What exactly happened at the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station on the night of June 7, 1893, and what was its significance?”

7 June 2018 | The Post