Ambassador of SA to Peru, Rachel Rasmeni shakes hands with the President of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, Yolande Torriani. Janice Jonathan, Director of the America's at DTI, and the Director of Economic Promotion at the Peru Foreign Affairs Ministry, Silvia Alfaro look on. Picture: Supplied

Durban - South Africa is ready to do business with Peru. 

This was the according to South African Ambassador to Peru, Rachel Rasmeni who addressed Peruvian and South African business people in Peru recently. 

The occasion was the South Africa-Peru Trade and Investment Seminar that was hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) in partnership with the Lima Chamber of Commerce in Lima.  

"The purpose of this mission is to promote closer cooperation in entrepreneurial sectors of both Peru and South Africa,” said Rasmeni. 

She added that the mission presented businesspeople with an opportunity to learn from each other through exchanging experiences and to establish business opportunities in South Africa, Peru, and Ecuador, which she is also serving as an ambassador.

She assured the Peruvian businesspeople that SA was on a path of economic renewal which included improving its investment environment through a clear economic programme and plan.

Most of the companies attending the seminar were said to be in the mining and agro-processing sectors, so Rasmeni assured potential investors that the South African government had prudentially embarked on an agricultural land reform process and the transformation of the mining industry in a way that new investment opportunities will be created. 

The President of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, Ms Yolanda Torriani and the Director of Economic Promotion in the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also addressed the seminar. They indicated that more could be done by the private sector and governments of the two countries to give impetus to the two-way bilateral trade which has impressively grown from just over R800 million in 2016 to almost R1.5 billion.