Durban - Phoenix mum Simmi Ramnarain has made it to the finals of the Great South African Bake Off.

The 45 year old will compete against contestants Bianca Breytenbach and Desmond Soloman for the title.

The competition began 8 weeks and is screened on BBC Lifestyle on DSTV, every Tuesday at 8pm.

On being in the finals, Simmi said, “I am totally thrilled to have made it to the final. I think that I am proof of the fact that you should take risks and do more of what you love in life. 

"I have really enjoyed my time on the show so far, and have felt like we have all come together as one Bake Off family. 

"I am pleased to be going into the final with Desmond and Bianca as I know we will all help each other to get over the nerves and just enjoy our last time in the tent”.

Ramnarain's highlight in the show include her best bake win of Cumin bread pot filled with plaited dinner rolls, and she was once awarded Star Baker in the semi-finals. 

Her baking fail: ‘Little baby’ uncooked custard slices. 

But Ramnarain is resilient. This is the second time she has entered the competition. 

"I entered last year and I was chosen as the 13th or standby contestant. I was gutted that I did not make, and I did not want to go through the disappointment again. 

"But my 20-year-old daughter, Kirti, forced me to enter again and I made my submission at the last minute," she said.

Ramnarian's enjoys baking biscuits. 

"I love biscuits because you can do so much with them, and chop and change things if you are in the mood to be creative," she said.

She admitted although baking is her passion, her family thinks she is nuts.

"They say "oh no!" the moment they see me in the kitchen. I bake all the time and they don't really like desserts all the time," she laughed.

If she were a cake, would describe herself as a honey drizzled vanilla cake as it is sweet and simple.