Durban - Six people, including two accountants, appeared in the Durban Magistrate's Court for alleged tax evasion amounting to R30 million.

Aslam Cassim Vorajee, 51, his wife Naseema Vorajee, 49, Arshad Vorajee, 47 his wife Ayesha Abdool Huk Vorajee,47, and accountants Mohamed Shabir Ismail, 50, Shoukath Essop Ally, 61, are facing charges of fraud, theft and money laundering.

They handed themselves over to police at Durban Central on Thursday morning according to a source. 

They were released on bail.

The six, stand accused of creating four false companies - S&A Commodities CC, VM Apparel CC, Imvusa Trading 173 CC and Labbaik Trading CC-  and laundering R30 million between 2012 and 2015. 

Aslam Cassim Vorajee and accountant Mohamed Shabir Ismail were granted R20 000 bail.

The rest were released on R5 000 bail.

The court heard that Ismail has eight similar pending cases against him. 

The matter was adjourned for November for further investigation.