Quality fish being landed down south

The fishing on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal recently has been fruitful for anglers, writes Kingfisher. Picture: Ugu South Coast Tourism.

The fishing on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal recently has been fruitful for anglers, writes Kingfisher. Picture: Ugu South Coast Tourism.

Published Apr 22, 2024


THERE have been plenty of summer fish around with some edibles in the mix as well. The drags are making plenty of noise along the coast.

The north coast has seen the bulk of the inedible catches. The usual spots like Tugela and Mtunzini have been the places to go if you are looking for something to test your drag.

Remember that these spots should be fished in a group as there have been incidents in the past. Bloody baits like mackerel and bonito have been the most successful.

There have been some good edibles around most of the north coast. Look for some protected bays and gullies for the best results.

The central coast has seen a patchy catch report. There have been some spots like Glenashley and Blue Lagoon that have seen consistent results over the past week. Then, the rest of the central coast has been very quiet with not much to mention.

Shad, kob and stumpies have been the main catches on the edible side but a few garrick have been landed. Live bait has seen the bigger fish but chokka has been the key for those fishing for the kob.

There have been grey sharks around for those wanting to catch something that will take a bit of drag but unfortunately those are the only inedibles around on the central coast.

The scratchers have been doing very well down south with some quality fish being landed. There have been stumpies, bream and pompano on offer with some bomber shad mixed in. Speak to the anglers in the area where you are fishing and find out what has been working in the day’s prior.

The deeper points down south are still holding some of the better inedibles and anglers have managed a few bus eagle rays and some honeycombs. The eagle rays prefer an octopus bait while the honeycombs will love a redeye sardine concoction. It is early for these inedibles but it is always worth trying for them.

Prevention is better than cure! Maintenance...it’s a word most of us associate with labour intensive work after a long day of fishing. No, it is not the most fun thing to do with your fishing rod and reel, but it is important if you want to be able to continue using them for any length of time.

Something as simple as rinsing your tackle with freshwater after a day at the beach can add years to the life of the gear. Remember to rinse your tackle off as soon as you get home to avoid corrosion and laziness.

For reels you need to focus on cleaning the line roller, the handle and the line itself. For rods you should focus on the guides and the joins. Look after your tackle and it will look after you. Tight lines and screaming reels.

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